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    Question Activity Monitor...Virtual Memory
    I just upgraded from Tiger to Leopard...

    So I was watching an avi movie in vlc and my MacBook(2.16GHz IntelC2D, 2GB RAM) fan goes bzzzzzzzzzzz...I was surprised to see so much heat being generated for a simple 200MB video file...

    I open the activity monitor and find that "Finder" was using almost 90% of cpu ...Once I killed "Finder" fan went silent again.

    Also while observing the activity monitor I saw that Virtual Memory of all processes is in excess of 500MB and some are even 1GB, is this normal...??

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    Yes, pretty much normal. Next time, reboot and start the movie again. See if the virtual memory usage goes down and then rises. Right now my system is doing pretty much the same thing and I'm not running anything memory intensive.


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    This topic of Activity Monitor and Virtual Memory came up on another forum, virtual memory - Mac Forums, and credit is due to 'richthomas' for the following response:
    "this is a bug. Add a non default column to Activity Monitor by right clicking on the column titles and it will go back to around 7 GB. ...."

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