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Thread: troubles installing the leopard.

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    troubles installing the leopard.
    guys i need help asap. so i was just trying to install the leopard, but then when i see the remaining time, i decided to cancel it, bcoz i dont have that much time, i know such a stupid decision, but then i did quit it, and i think i click on the wrong button on start up disk, instead of other disk, i click on the disk that was trying to be installed, anyway, the problem is now, my comp wont start, just the apple and loading sign keep appearing. and the cd installer is still inside. plz do help me, any answer will be appreciated. i am new to mac, and not so clever in comp stuff.

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    Hold the option key (Alt) when you switch on your Mac and you should be presented with a hard drive icon and a cd icon.

    This will let you choose which drive to boot from.
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    Don't worry about the time just let it run. Often when it says 34 minutes it is actually only about ten minutes, however that last repoprt of obne minugte can take five minutes.

    Boot your machine and hold down the mouse key which should eject the install DVD. Also try booting whilst holding down 'C', go to Utilities>Disk Utility>Repair Disk and try another erase and install.

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