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    Exclamation Email Issues - PLEASE HELP!
    So i recently loaded windows on my macbook via bootcamp. Everything is running Great and i love it! But i ran into my first issue right now...

    I have both my entourage and outlook popped to my gmail account. I noticed though that i will only receive a message in my inbox depending on what Operating System im logged on to? For example a buddy of mine sent me an email and i received it on my outlook (because i was logged in on windows at the time), later i logged on to my OS X account and i noticed that i didnt have the message in my entourage?

    I had my buddy resend me the email and then i received it on entourage but i went back to windows and notice that his 2nd email wasnt in my outlook inbox?

    I know all my settings are correct because i am receiving and able to send out mail, but like i said its really dependent on what OS im on?

    Any ideas on why this is happening? How can i get them to both sync correctly. I have to be able to get emails on both OS reliably while still having a copy of them in the other operating system?

    Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

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    That is a google issue with POP email. Every system I have does the same thing. I get it on one computer then all the others will not see that message. If you use IMAP instead of POP it will work. I have talked to many friends who have had the same experience. It like I said is something with Google's using POP.

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    Lightbulb Thank You!
    That was the answer!

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