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    Vista black screen -- please help
    Somebody please help, I have looked/asked everywhere for a solution and I can't find one.

    This is getting very frustrating, because it is a problem that seems to have no solution. After taking countless hours breaking in my version of Vista (installed via bootcamp on my MBP), installing games, playing games, and installing many confusing mods in Oblivion, Vista refuses to start up. I get to the login screen, I enter my password and the loading symbol comes up, then everything goes black. The only thing I can do is move the cursor around the screen. I have looked around the web for solution but everything I found involved doing something from within Vista (i.e. go to start menu, etc...) but my problem is that I can't get into Vista in the first place. I don't get past the login screen. I have tried every mode available (start windows normally, safe mode, pressing f8 during startup and tried all of those) and I get the same black screen every time.

    Is there something I can do here? The thing is, I don't want to lose my games and mods, so I don't want to resort to deleting the partition and completely reinstalling Vista.

    And please do not reply with "because Vista sucks" or anything along those lines. Thanks you from the bottom of my heart for any advice!!

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    I have never experienced that problem myself with Vista so I can't help you with that, but if you do a clean install over your existing vista install it will not delete your files, it will place them in a windows.old folder. Just don't delete the partition yourself. You will have to reinstall games and such but the files themselves wont be lost.

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    How do you do a clean install? That isn't where you start completely from scratch right? Like deleting the partition and reinstalling from the beginning.

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    Bump.... please help

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    you should try booting your system into safemode, by holding f8 and logging into your account and doing a system restore chances are something you installed along the way is screwing with your windows login, one of your mods or something but if you can get into your account in safe mode then for sure you know it was something you installed. system restore should provide a quick fix what you should do next time is everytime you install something do a system restart to know if it will give you any problems,

    sorry for the bad literture lol i type how i talk

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