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Thread: How do I clean up my HD?

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    Oct 01, 2006
    How do I clean up my HD?
    I deleted almost everything off my computer to make space, and I know my programs are not taking up this much space. Says I only have 10GB left.

    How can I get rid of all temp files and defrag my HD?

    Any other ways to make space?

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    Open your hard disk in list view (View > as List)
    Open View Options (View > Show View Options) and check the "Calculate all sizes" box. It may take a while for the machine to add up the sizes of all the folders.
    Click the "Size" header to sort by size. The largest folders will be listed first.

    You can click the disclosure triangles on the left of folders to drill down.

    And don't forget to empty the Trash when you go to remove something.

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    monolingual will free up space... gets rid of languages you don't need in your programs. cleaned up over 1 GB of space for me.

    defragging isn't needed with osx.

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    I wonder if you have a Previous System lurking there. I had two of them, one for the upgrade from Panther to Tiger, and then one after an Archive & Install following a disk repair. Deleting those PS folders restored some 12 Gb to the HD.

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