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    starting classic
    ok so whenever i try to open a classic (os 9) app, i get this message. i dont know a whole lot about what it means or what i should do.:

    "Startup found no system folder on the boot volume from which to start classic"

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    Did you install classic? If you haven't then it won't run, check the disks that came with your mac, they should have a copy of the classic environment on them.

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    From the desktop select "find" under the File menu.

    Set the search arguments as follows (upper and lower case matters on Type and Creator)
    Name is system
    Type is zsys
    Creator is MACS

    If it doesn't find anything then OS 9 isn't installed. If it does find a system file, then open System Preferences and click on the Classic icon. Your volumes will be listed. Click on the triangle beside each volume to see if there is a system folder available. If the OS finds a valid OS 9 system folder it will be available for selection.

    Select the System Folder and then click on start.
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