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Thread: Noob Question!! Beware!

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    Question Noob Question!! Beware!
    Hey peoples!

    I just got my Imac 2 days ago, mainly for my music software but i will be browsing on the net as well. Im use to using Internet explorer and when i want to down load a video off the net...Its just right click, save target as. And then you save it to whatever file you want. How do i do this with mac? When i save on My Mac it saves the file, but then when i double click to play, it comes up with a 'Text edit' window. Any ideas??? I orignally thought it was because i had the Privacy mode on, but it does it either way. Does the file just play in quick time?? or is there like a 'windows media player' but the mac version? Yes im laughing at my noobness as well.

    Thanks in advance!

    "The Noobiest Noob that ever Noobed!"

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    Well, for WMV and other related files you need to download Flip4Mac. For other video formats (pretty much anything) you can download VLC. The first will play things right in your browser, the second you need to download first ... but the second will play just about anything you can throw at it.
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    Cool as! thanks alot for your help!

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