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    Help with Time Machine
    Hi everybody,

    I need help with Time Machine, my macbook had a start up problem and the I had to reinstall Leopard. As I do not have the disk, a friend did it for me. Now the computer is working and I need to get everything back from Time Machine which is saved on Time Capsule

    I seem to understand that there is an option to due it with Leopard disk but from what I understood is too late now. How to I get all the stuff back now?

    Sorry but as you can tell I am a newbie..

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    You can restore everything from the Time Machine backup without having to reinstall your OS. Boot from the Leopard install disk and there is an option to restore from a Time Machine backup. I don't remember exactly where it is located, but it is in the menu bar at the top of the screen. You will be able to select a date from from which to restore. Unfortunately you will have to either find your disk or borrow one to perform the restoration.

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