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    Question about Bluetooth
    I hope I am posting this in the right area if not sorry, But anyways my question is if I am connected to my phone via the bluetooth can I use my phones internet. The people at verizon said no but I think that was because they want me to buy their internet card but i know when setting up bluetooth it asked about using the phones internet.

    Thanks in advance

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    not enough information

    sometimes phone makers will release a unique disabled phone per the providers request so its not enough to say a guy's gsm phone will dot this or that. long/short is give verizon a second go at it, get to third level support. 611call them on another phone

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    K thx I will give it a shot. Just not gonna purchase a wi fi card and service for them when almost everywhere I go has wi fi except maybe 1 or 2 places so I would rather use my phone's net and save some money.

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