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    alert sound problem...
    hi, i've been trying to find an answer for this, couldn't find anything on the apple website...thought i'd give a specialized forum a shot.

    i occasionally noticed that the "alert" sound would play every once in a while in the background, sometimes when no programs were running. even when programs are running it will sound with no pop up or anything to indicate an actual "alert''. i didn't pay it much mind...until i changed my alert sound to something very funny, and very obscene (chopped up an mp3, saved it as an aiff in the sound folder). now my computer will occasionally drop a very loud F bomb when nothing is going on in the background. i don't have any email programs set up, so it's not anything like that?

    any idea as to why the alert sound is going off like that? anything will be appreciated.

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    Do you have time alerts, eg. on the hour? I get taken by surprise every now and then when my computer gasps (my chosen alert sound) but it's only iClock telling me it's nn o'clock. Another cause can be if you hit a forbidden or unrecognised key-combo, or mouse-click when none is available.

    Sometimes I forget to toggle back to the text field in a browser after checking some other application, and begin typing. I'm greeted with a succession of gasps. I can understand how you'd be taken aback with the F-bomb blurting out at you, a bit awkward when you have a visitor in the same room.

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    i don't think it's anything time related, i noticed when it happened today, it dropped the f bomb, and then another maybe 5 seconds seems entirely random...i think i might use time machine, see if that helps. i doubt it's anything serious, it's kind of funny when it goes off and i have someone near by, because it usually catches them off guard and they're all like "omgbbqwtf m8".

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