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    Move from tiger to Leopard
    Hello everyone. I'm new in Mac, and new in this forum.

    I got a MacBook, builded in 2007. It have Tiger, but I want a leopard desktop. What can I do?

    second, I'm with a litle problemes. I got it from a friend. I don't know the root password. Is that any way to reset it?

    Thanks, and sorry for my Inglish. I'm from Cape Verde (Portugues)

    Anilton F

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    Your English is ok. We can understand it.

    You have to get the root password from your friend. I think you can install leopard and that will let you set a new password.
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    Regardless of the password situation, you need to buy Leopard install discs in order to install Leopard.
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    Buy the retail version of Leopard and do a completely fresh install (erase and install) and you get to reset the admin password too.
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