I do not own, nor have I ever seen an eMac machine! I am a Windows PC user through and through. Oddly enough, I'm trying to help a friend who's encountered a problem with her Mac. To complicate matters, she lives in Dallas and I live near Houston, so our communication is via email.

She was able to tell me that she owns an eMac running Finder Version 10 4.7 and according to the MacHD, she has 9 items and 119.2 GB available.

Her problem is with iPhoto. She has had her machine for two years and is an inveterate photobug. She's used to connecting her camera and downloading her photos automatically. Until last week when she received an error concerning the cache and rebuilding...I'm not sure what. Her grandson sent her a copy of the photos on a CD (Windows) and her son, in New York, talked her through saving them to her computer. However, she still can't download from her camera.

She said she deleted a lot of photos because she thought she was running out of room on her hard drive but to no avail. I told her I'd see what I could find out and see if I could walk her through the process. I also told her it would be a good idea to back up her files, documents, photos, and email at the very least - but she doesn't know how. Until that point, I didn't realize just how different the Mac was from Windows.

So - I need to know how her machine backs up and how to clear the "cache" so she can try the camera again. I don't want her to do any clearing or deleting until she has saved her important files.

Is this too optimistic? I have to tell her one step at a time because I don't think she's ever investigated anything outside email and iPhoto!? Notwithstanding the fact that I've never laid eyes on a Mac!!

Thanks for your input.