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    help optimizing speed for my powerbook

    I have a powerbook 1.5 PowerPC G4.....256MB build in RAM and 1GB..I think memory is maxed out. I have a 80 GB HD with 35+GB free. I have just done a clean-up of the HD.
    It is still running well but I remember it being faster previously. I shot a wedding recently and maxed out the harddrive for a few months while I was editing and cataloging photographs.
    I finally got all of that under my belt and have cleaned up the system and freed up as much space as possible at the moment and I figured it should run better.
    It still runs well, so I have no reason to believe that there actually is a problem but maybe there are hidden files and cache that I am not using anymore that is bogging down my system. Is there any build in program that comes with the operating for cleaning up the drives or optimizing performaces?

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    get onyx
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