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Thread: New to Mac & Lost (Disk full?)

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    Oct 14, 2008
    Unhappy New to Mac & Lost (Disk full?)
    I love my Iphone & changed from windows to mac yesterday and am clueless. When I load a program or a few updates, I get an error message advising me I have no more space or lacking space to save the program. It seems to continue with the download but keeps giving me error.

    How do I find out if Im at my limit. My mac has a limit of 120GB if that makes sense - not clued up at all about macs

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    Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility on your hard disk and the Disk Utility will tell you somewhere at the bottom capacity and how much is used or available. That should do it :-)


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    if your mac is new to you, especially with 120 gb then you definately shouldn't have any problem with space. make sure that the disk is saving your program into the Applications folder. other than that... if you have the OS disks you might want to do a full wipe and install of the HDD. post back if you want to.

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    Thanks for the reply... and how do I ensure it is saving into the application folder? As in windows you can either instruct it to either save to desktop or into Program folders etc?

    Is there a setting that I can do to ensure it goes to the App folder?

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