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    G4 - startup issue
    I have this weird problem, I think i deleted some files , I am selling my laptop so I wanted to erase any files with my information on top. I guess I erased something wrong and now when I boot up, I just get a blue screen and I see a mouse arrow stuck on the top left corner and it just freezes there. BUT when I boot and hold the "D" button, I can boot up fine. Has anyone ever encountered this situation before? and know what I could do to try and fix this, I do not have my tiger CD anymore either.

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    Well it sounds like you critically altered a few boot-up files and it will not be fixable unless you have the restore CDs that came with the laptop or an Operating System CD. I did it with this powerbook, but I was able to fix it because I had OS CDs for it.
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    anyway i can fix this if i dont have the cd?
    what files are needed? maybe i could dl just some of the main files needed...
    the laptop boots up perfectly fine when i hold 'D' during bootup
    so im assuming it isnt that big of a problem to fix

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