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    weird activity...
    ok, so a few minutes ago, I quit safari, open a folder on the desktop, change to column view with nothing selected, click another folder in the sidebar, it starts going to it, the hd is making very little noise, and then all windows close and the finder sorta just relaunches itself. any thoughts? also, Ive noticed in the past few days that if I have several apps open at once, and suddenly switch to another open app, the menubar disappears, the time and menubar icons stay, but the menubar turns clear or goes away. and doesnt come back til I select the finder.
    Imnot sure whats going on, any thoughts? I know, I know, Macmans asking for help? it happens.:mac:

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    I also had this kinda transparent Menubar problem a few times, but couldn't find out what causes it...

    Any thoughts?

    PS: it only happened with 10.3.7

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