HI- I am very new here, and hopefully this post is in the proper place... I've got an iMac 10.3.9 and in the process of deleting a bunch of files from my mp3 player [an iAudio 7 8mb] the player was disconnected from the USB and now the player is not seen in Finder. I tried seeing if Disk Utility would see it, and it did not after many different attempts using pretty much every USB port on the iMac. I took the Player over to my Dad's g5 and the iAudio device showed right up on his Finder... I think he is running OS 10.5 ... I originally thought the problem lies with the device, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Any thoughts as to a remedy for the Finder of my iMac to again "Recognize" the device?? thanks very much for your help. sincerely, ttp911