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Thread: Finder Issue

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    Finder Issue
    I'm running Leopard 10.5.5 on a new iMac. The computer has 4 users on it, all of which are administrators. I want all users to have read and write access to all parts of the computer. How can I do this? As it is right now when you go to another user's home folder, most of the folders within it have a little red circle with a line through it and I can't open them. I have gone to file sharing and shared all the home folders and administrators have full read and write access to them, but the folders within them are still locked. Do I have to share every single folder in all of the home folders or is there an easier way?


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    if your trying to share files so all users have access to a file, place the files to be shared in users/shared.

    Items placed in this folder are shared by all users on your Mac.

    Never tried it but I wonder if aliases to files and folders would work? I'm guessing it would.

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