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Thread: Invalid B-Tree Node Size

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    Invalid B-Tree Node Size
    I have a MacBook which came up with a flashing folder with a question mark last night when I started it.

    I went into disk utility and located my HD after starting the MacBook using the Install CD. However the HD: Disk0s2 was grayed out. I tried repairing the disk but every time I did this, I got a message saying "Invalid B-Tree Node Size". I also tried running fsck as a single user on the drive and got the same message. Now when I go into disk utility, I don't even see my drive anymore. The only thing I see there is the OS X Install Disc.

    I don't have any backups of my drive.

    I've also read that disk warrior may be an option. However, before I went down that route, I wanted to find out if there are any suggestions at all.

    I would very much appreciate any help that anyone can provide.

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    How old is that macbook?

    You basically have a corrupt disk structure (the disk it self is likely fine but the information about the data structure has gone.

    You will need a boot up disk with disc warrior on it to attempt to rescue that disk, unless you have access to another mac
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    Thanks for the response louishen.

    The MacBook is only a year old.

    I do have a MacBook Pro. How would I go about using the MacBook Pro to rescue my MacBook?

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