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    Mac version of Media Centre?
    Hi all new here and relatively new to Macs. I wasnt sure if this should go in hardware or OS forums so I've taken a chance, but media centre is an os for M$ so that was my thinking so far lol!

    I've just bought my first macbook and love it. So much so Im thinking of changing the main PC in my bedroom to an iMac, however it would have to have software that would let me use it like a Tivo. I have a cable TV box in the room next to the PC and M$ media centre does a good job of recording any TV on any channel I want to capture. It just works (odd I know for XP....I did upgrade to vista but that was a disaster!). I've had a look round on google and mactv seems to be an internet video service rather than a tv capture / record piece of software.
    I saw another blog of someone who did a similar thing but their solution couldn't change the channel of their TV box

    so the question is are there any apple solutions for a Tivo type iMac? (thats also capable of all the other stuff that I do on my pc obviusly surtf / write etc)

    thanks for any help


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    Elgato's EyeTV works very well on my roommate's iMac. It works just like a DVR on iO, and i assume like TiVo (I've only ever used TiVo once). The EyeTv software downloads channel lists and program guides and allows recording (scheduled and impromptu).
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    Thanks for the answer, it was eye TV that i saw were the kit couldnt change the channel on the cable / satelite tv box

    see here

    but it might be an old article... anyone know for sure?

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    Check out Boxee. I saw it on a podcast and it looks like it might be promising.

    boxee: the open, connected, social media center for mac os x and linux

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