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Thread: How do U make a OX backup copy?

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    How do U make a OX backup copy?
    I don't have a DVD burner on my Mac but I do on my PC.
    I want to make a exact copy of my Tiger OS.
    Can I do this with my PC?
    Do I have to choose .iso?
    Do I make an image first & either rename it .iso or create an .iso image if I have the choice?
    If I have the .iso then can I burn a straight image?
    Do I use Data DVD mode or Mixed Mode?
    Do I have to put a check into Bootable CD?


    I am using NTI CD & Dvd Maker on a Windows Vista machine.

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    Create an image of the disc (iso is one of many formats you can use) and then just burn that image to a blank disc. I'm not sure about Tiger, but I know for a fact that Leopard requires a dual layer disc, so you should double check to make sure your DVD burner can do dual layer if it turns out your Tiger disc is dual layer.

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