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Thread: installation Mac OS X

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    installation Mac OS X
    Hi, I currently running Mac OS 9.2.2. This computer is just pass to me from previous compony staff. I not good on Mac OS.
    I would like to reinstall my OS with laster version, and I found that at Lib/Receipt provided the MacOSX 10.4 Universal.pkg installation package.
    As I never install the MacOS b4, and leak knowledge on it, so i whould need the information for installing MacOSX.
    Can I install the MacOSX 10.4 just by running the Mac OS 9.2.2? Or need to burnt it in CD and install, just like installing window?

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    First off, Mac OS X is a pay-for upgrade. You may not just use a disc from another computer as that would be illegal - and we don't discuss illegal activity here.

    Secondly, OS X has much greater system requirements than earlier versions. What are the specs of your Mac?
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