Hi Everyone

Does anyone know of a way of locking down access to the file structure of "Macintosh HD"

For example :- I have a mac 10.4 server which places Home Drives, Local Document folder and some shared network paths down on the doc.

I have removed the "Macintosh HD" from the desktop. I have even edited out some of the finder menu.nib to stop access into the go -> menus

But you can still quite easly navigate back to the "macintosh HD" and look through all your own library etc. (which is mostly the issue)

I have looked at simple finder for my solution but sorry it is just too simple.

I have put some permission locks and have also put chflag locks on some files to lock some files that don't need modifying which helps.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to stop access to the file structure or has anyone had experience in trying to lock it down?

Thanks for your help, any ideas would be great