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Thread: Using other Mac laptop install disks on your own laptop

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    Using other Mac laptop install disks on your own laptop

    So I lost my install discs for my macbook pro and was wondering if using another person's laptop's install disc would work? And if it doesn't work, if there's a way to get around it?

    I basically just need iMovie because I can't afford Final Cut Pro.

    I also thought there'd by a way to download iMovie on the Apple website but I'd have to pay. (Thought they could somehow identify that I had bought a laptop so I can just download the program)



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    If the other laptop is exactly the same as yours, then yes, they will work.

    Assuming your Mac came with iLife preinstalled, then you can download iMovie HD directly from Apple's site:

    iMovie HD 6

    June 2007
    July 2009

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    Contact Apple and request a replacement set of system restore discs, having available the model, date and place of purchase, serial number etc. No doubt there will be some charge.

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    kash - i downloaded it and for some reason it can't open =(

    it says there's no program that can open it..... blehh...

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