My Powerbook took a nasty fall about a month ago. Since then, I got a Macbook Pro to replace it and took out the Powerbook's HDD which i found was completely without damage. In fact, I'm typing this using my Powerbook's HDD running off an external casing via USB. Its very smooth. I can't tell the difference at all!

Anyway, the Macbook Pro's HDD came with Tiger which I erased so now there's nothing on the internal hard drive. Every time I boot now, i run leopard from an external hard drive. What i want to do is to transfer all the data from my Powerbook's HDD (currently running on an external casing) to the internal hard drive on my macbook pro. I thought of using something like Carbon Copy cloner or Super Duper to make a bootable copy of my Powerbook's HDD and copy it to the Macbook Pro's internal drive.
Once the copy is complete and I can boot from my macbook pro's internal hard drive, I will wipe out my Powerbook's HDD and use it as a backup drive with time machine.

What do you think? Will I encounter any foreseeable problems?

PS - When using Carbon Copy Cloner to copy the entire drive, about 26 seconds into the copying, I get stuck trying to copy files from the directory ".spotlight-v100....." and my mac just goes into the spinning beachball of death mode and doesn't recover even after an hour. Really frustrating. I end up restarting everytime.