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    New mac user, new format, please help!!
    Hello everyone!

    I need your help...

    I'm new to the mac scene so what may seem trivial to you has been driving me nuts lately. It seems whenever I download something, it comes in it's own randomly generated format...

    A few days ago I downloaded a video tutorial from youknowwhere and when I open the folder there is a bunch of files inside with files like tracks...Like this


    I opened another file that is like this, and the only thing consistent in this format is at the beginning "v-l", followed by a few random letters and a two digit progressing. So it seems like it works like this: v-l[random chars].01

    Somebody on this forums knows this, please help.

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    I think u need to find a program that merges those files together before you can unzip them.

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    Here's a screenshot of the files...

    This also shows some of the files I didn't mention, such as the rar, sfv, and vih.nfo files that seem to be in each of these folders, near the end.

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    Yeah u totally need something to merge these files together. I would try this.

    Hope it works for you.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    Looks like a standard rar archive, unzipping will do you no good. Try a rar program like
    UnRarX - Mac OS X RAR Extraction Utility

    etc (I have no experience with the above program, it's just the result of a google search.. i rarely rar.)
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    These are definately RAR 'segments'.

    As advised UnRARx will do the job.

    Alternatively stuffit expander. The free version will handle RAR files and many other compressed formats.

    Either way, once installed, just double click of the RAR file and it will do the rest. It will combine and decompress the file and drop it into the same folder.

    Just for info the naming isn't random. It's the name that was given by the person who originally RAR'd the files. And this isn't a Mac thing. you'd see exactly the same files and have to unRAR them on a PC too.

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