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Thread: Mouse Deselecting Problem

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    Mouse Deselecting Problem
    I've come across a very strange problem, but it seems like there may be a quick fix that I just don't know about. When I'm using Firefox or Quicktime (these are the only two programs that come to mind right now), and I'm watching a video or browsing the web, if I try to close the window out and I accidentally click in between the close and minimize buttons, it somehow deselects the window and when I go to click a second time on the close button, nothing happens. At the top of the screen, the menu bar still indicates that I've still got the program selected that I was in, but in order to actually close out the window, I have to click to the right of the close, minimize, and maximize buttons to have the window reslected. This also happens when I'm watching a video in Quicktime and I want to fast forward to a part and I don't click exactly on the tracking bar but on the off-white background. I have to click on the main part of the window, the dark grey part, to reselect the window. Is there a specific preferences file I should delete in order to reset the mouse/cursor? This happens with both my Mighty Mouse and my trackpad. This also didn't happen when I had Tiger, so I'm assuming there's something that needs adjusting in the OS. Thanks in advance.


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    I don't usually bump threads, but this problem is really bothering me. Would I be smart to make an appointment with the Apple store to get it checked out?

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