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    Completely removing applications
    I am wondering about when you remove an application by sending the app. from the Mac HS -> Applications -> App. X, to the Trash, if it removes everything for that App. To better explain myself, in Windows, when you would want to remove a program, you would have to go to the Add/Remove programs list, then remove it from there, and yet that would be ok for most people, there would still be parts of the program imbedded in the registry and on parts of the hard drive you couldn's access very easily. So, if I want to remove a program that is in the applications folder, to I need to do anything other than just sending it to Trash, and then emptying Trash?


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    on mac, just deleteing the app does just that, preference files, extensions and such are still on the mac. to get rid of all traces of the app, do a search in a finder window by typing in the first few letters of the app and deleting related items that come up.

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    yup i had this crappy firewall i downloaded and had traces of it everywere so i did a search as Macman said and deleted everything that came up and that was that.
    gone for good :p

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    cool, thanks guys

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