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    Afternoon, I am using the program filemaker but I don't think that is a neccesary prerequisite for my question. I am looking to get filemaker to send information to maxbulk mailer on another machine using apple scripts. The code to do this locally is this:

    Go to Record/Request/Page[First]
    Send Event ["MaxBulk Mailer - X 4.3.2 (US)"; "DELE"; "AESC"]
    Send Event ["MaxBulk Mailer - X 4.3.2 (US)"; "MaxB"; "DATA"; /*Add recipients from Filemaker:ATA*/]
    Go to Record/Request/Page[Next; Exit after last]
    End Loop
    Send Event["MaxBulk Mailer - X 4.3.2 (US)"; "misc";"dosc"]

    Basically though I need to be able to send the event to ip's copy of maxbulk. How do I go about this?

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    Applescript help
    It would probably be wiser to use terminal to do this. I am no expert but I suggest netcat/nc. You need to have access to wherever you are trying to transfer your files. The syntax would (on a mac, linux is a different ballgame all together) "nc -l 2222 <whatever you want to call the file" on the machine you want to transfer the files to. The syntax would be "nc -p 2222 youripaddress >file you are transferring". Enter those commands without quotes. Hope this helps, if your are dead set on using script editor then I suggest do shell script "nc junk" also on openBSD, macs, you can make your computer continually listen for a signal on that port from your computer. You can choose the port you want but I believe the first 1048 require a sudo command to use. In applescript to use sudo add "with administrative privileges". This is necessary to use these lower ports.

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