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    Archive and Install OS X 10.2.3--What does it do, exactly?
    Will it save bookmarks in Safari, iCal entries and emails that have been read in iMail?

    Is it likely to solve an "invalid key length" problem? I've booted from the OS disc and run disk repair. I've also done the fsck thing. I've posted this question elsewhere but it's likely to be less noticeable than in its own thread.

    Also, any info on something called MacJanitor and what it does would be helpful.


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    MacJanitor is a freeware utility to run the system's daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance scripts (located at /etc/daily, /etc/weekly, and /etc/monthly). These scripts are normally run between 3am and 5am, and will not be run if you shut off your Mac at night. This will allow log files to grow very large, and prevent system databases from getting backed up.

    With MacJanitor, you can run these scripts 'by hand' periodically without having to use the Terminal to keep your Mac OS X machine in top racing form.

    Excellent for laptop users and others who shut off or put their Macs to sleep at night.
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    Archive & Install will give you a New System with all your old software, files, bookmarks, mail etc. unchanged. It only renews the OS.
    Note: If you have added fonts to the main computer/system list rather than just your own you will have to put them back.
    There will also be a 'previous system folder' that you can delete when you are quite sure everything is OK.
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    Is such a procedure likely to fix an "invalid key length" problem? I'm having a difficult time locating the third party utilities everyone recommends (Disk Warrior and Tech Tool Pro). I assume I only need one of these?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ovation
    I'm having a difficult time locating the third party utilities everyone recommends (Disk Warrior and Tech Tool Pro).
    Both of those are commerical applications. If you want one of those you will have to go out an purchase a copy.
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    I'm quite willing to purchase a copy. I was just hoping to find one locally so I wouldn't have to wait for mail order. (My desktop is a PC, my laptop is the Powerbook, so I can't download a copy from the manufacturer--I don't think).

    Anyway, thanks for the information. If I can't find a copy locally, I'm going to try an "Archive and Install" and get the utilities soon (to avoid such a mess in the future). I'm used to messes with my PC (I used to run on Millenium) but I've had trouble free use from my Mac for so long I'd forgotten it could have issues as well.

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