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    Incorrect "Your Startup Disk is almost full"?

    I'm new to this group and wonder if you can help me.

    I have a Power Mac G5 running OS X 10.5.5 (9F33) and my memory is 5.5 GB.

    The curious thing that happens is when I start up my Mac I see my Active Memory usage begin to creep up in the Activity Monitor until it gets to about 3.6 GB. This is weird because I don't have anything interesting running in the background (I've checked in my Login Items). When I try to sum up the Real Memory column in the Activity Monitor it's around 1.5 GB - so where is the rest.

    So now my Mac is almost limping because I only have 1 GB left (the remaining 9 MB are being used in Wired memory) and when I actually want to use apps like Safari, Aperture et al my Mac begins to struggle. And sometimes the funny this happens, I get an error that says that my Startup disk is almost full.

    I have 35 GB available when I start and when I get this error and look again I see that I have like 18 GB. WTF!

    My only guess is that some app is munching my memory and the mds begins to do something (I hear the disk being read/written) and my disk gets filled up. I can't find any one app causing this problem because I have nothing open and the Activity Monitor doesn't show me any culprit.

    (Sorry for the long winded message I wanted to make sure I capture everything)

    Please help.

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    Oct 01, 2008
    To provide even more information,

    my Login Items are:
    System Events
    Airport Base Station Agent

    My main harddisk capacity is: 152.55 GB
    Used: 117.68
    Available: 34.86

    Please help.

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