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    Strange screen images + iPhoto screwed up?
    I've had my MacBook Pro since June, and just recently it started doing all sorts of weird things. First, pink and green pixellated squigglies appear all over the screen (here's a screenshot) in Safari. Then, when I go into iPhoto, I can see all the photos fine from the events view, but if I go into an album and try to view just one photo, it's totally black. Finally, Photoshop has started constantly freezing up and showing the pixellated things again, only to unfreeze after a minute or so. Which is really inconvenient when I'm using the eraser!

    I don't know if these are necessarily connected, but they all started happening at the same time. As a relative computer dummy the only thing I know to do is restart, but that hasn't worked. Please help, the latch on my computer is already broken and I don't need anything else to go wrong.

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    did this happen since the 10.5.5 update?

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    I did run software update recently, and before that everything was fine, so I guess so. I don't suppose there's any way to undo that update?

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    You might try running the Combo update from the Apple Website. Sometimes the combo update will fix random things.

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