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    Folder in Trash won't Trash
    Hey guys and gals i was wondering if you could help me out. I recently lent my external hard drive to a friend who just bought an iMac and needed to transfer stuff from his macbook and pc to his new iMac and when i got it back there was a folder on it that he said he didnt need. So i deleted it. Except everytime i try to empty my trash it sits there saying that i cannot delete this folder because i dont have enough permissions. Now, its not a big deal, the folder is 0 KB but its ANNOYING to have my trash always full and continuously telling me i dont have permissions to empty my own trash.

    Ive googled it and tried all the instructions here ( -Tutorials - HowTo - Trash - page2) And also tried everything on the first page including FileXaminer and Supergetinfo both of which do nothing. FileXaminer asks me for my password and then nothing happens and Supergetinfo just tells me the same thing.

    Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.

    Information you may need to know:

    I am running Leopard 10.5.5 on an iMac, it is my own Mac and i am the only user on the mac. When i do "Get Info" on the folder in the trash it says that i can "read & write" but unlike other folders i cant open the lock and do maintenance on the folder, and if i try hitting the "lock" ticker (which is not ticked) nothing happens, no check mark or anything. If i try and drag the folder out of the trash a copy of the folder goes to my desktop (which i can do maintenance on) but the original folder that i dont have "permissions" remains in the trash. PLEASE HELP!

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    Sorry if this is something you've tried but does holding Option down when empting work?

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    I'd take it out of the trash, and Get Info. Try changing the permissions and then trashing it.

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    @mrplow: Yes, that was one of the first things i read and tried... to no avail :S Thanks tho!

    @skaheadpunk: When i try taking the folder out of the trash only a copy of the folder moves to the desktop and the original that i can't do anything (ANYTHING!!!) with remains there. If i do Get Info on the folder i dragged to the desktop i have full authority over it and can delete it and empty THAT folder from the trash but the original that was there is still there

    PS Skaheadpunk your avatar is awesome!

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    Here's everything you'll ever need to know about handling the Trash in OS X.
    Solving Trash Problems

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    sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash/*

    That should do it.

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