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    audio issues and system preferences HELP
    So here's the issue. In order to hear audio i have to plug in headphones. It seems as if the built in speakers are not playing back audio. In system pref, the audio tab, all my options for output is the digital output. Is this correct?

    Also when using the volume buttons on the keyboard, all i see is the "circle with the diagonal line" saying "No!".

    Kinda at a loss. Any help would be appreciated. Not sure if this is in the right section of the forum. I would love to be able to listen to sound on my computer without headphones.

    Good evening...

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    You're in the right place.
    Firstly, what computer and OS are you using? (I don't know this "digital output").
    Secondly, have you checked the audio out port to see if there's a red light showing?
    Third - try poking a slim plastic or wooden probe, maybe a 3.5 mm plug, into the out port, there may be a stuck cutout switch in there.

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    I'm on a powerbook G4 OS X. There is a red light coming from the audio port. I haven't tried poking it.....I'm nervous that may damage the sound completely. I had plugged in external speakers to my computer and when I removed the cord from the audio port, tada, no external I can only hear sounds with headphones on. How can I get the sound to play again from the computer without something plugged into the audio port?

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    Hey bud, this problem can be easily fixed.

    When you are using the digital audio port, I am assuming it is for external speakers or audio device of some sort.

    To get the computer back to using the built-in speakers, do this:

    Apple Menu>"System Preferences">"Sound">"Output" tab>select the one that says "Built-in Output" (it may or may not say "Headphones" or "Internal Speakers" to the left of it.)

    To switch it back to the digital output, just select "Built-in Digital Output".

    Hope this helps.

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