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Thread: Garbled text

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    Garbled text
    Recently I have had garbled text in a few of my apps.
    This manly appears in Safari, Firefox and Mail.
    Some of the text appears as what looks like numeric fractions.

    If I copy/paste the garbled text to another app it becomes readable.

    Does anybody know a remedy for this?
    It it a corrupt font somewhere?

    I hope this link work so you can see pics of what I mean:

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    Yes this is a bad font or perhaps you have deleted the required system font. I remember back an it use to be Helvetica Fractions I believe that caused it but that was a few years ago. Also make sure you are using the Apple installed Helvetica dfont.

    I would bet an Archive and Install would fix this as it would reinstall the OS and the fonts.

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    try fixing permissions first... then removing preference files. zap the pram.

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