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Thread: I may have deleted my desktop?

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    I may have deleted my desktop?
    Hello all,

    I'm not commonly a Mac person, or a computer person at that. Although, I do own and even use a Macbook on occasion. Today, I was looking to upload some software dealing with music editing, and incidentally, I thought it might be a good idea to run Parallels and possibly Ubuntu as well for this purpose. Before I did any of this, I went through the computer to clean it up a little, as my sister shares it with me. So, I went about trashing anything looking like some random nonsense a teenage girl would normally download whilst on her facebook, skype, and meebo chatting spree.

    Now, I have files, folders, and applications disappearing while I'm working. I'm not familiar with the Mac do and do not rules, but I am almost certain that I've deleted a desktop folder of some type, and that, yes, certain items are being routed directly to my trash bin. And no, they do not appear in the bin; they're just gone, nowhere on the hard drive.

    I care not how foolish this sounds, as I'm sure it does. But I do have important art work, writing, and friends' work that I would like to manage.

    Thanks so much

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    Did you rename her home directory at any point (the folder with the house icon)

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    I did. And I moved it as well, from the sidebar in Finder at least. Every possible folder has been checked for these missing items.


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    If you have indeed renamed your home folder (or directory) then I'd suggest reading the info on this link. It should really help you.

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    Thanks guys,

    I believe that I've finally got things situated. It seems that I somehow managed to delete my desktop folder, and coincidentally, everything that I moved to the desktop was more or less useless.

    The big problem was that once your desktop is in the trash, you can not restore it.

    So, I had planned on wiping everything, as well as OS X and running solely Ubuntu, although Adobe doesn't get along with Linux too well, regardless of emulators. I ended up simply backing up a few important files, creating a new user, and then deleting the old.

    This has cleaned things up sufficiently, although, I am still curious about Ubuntu...


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