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jonny b 09-26-2008 02:23 PM

Installing Tiger rules on an older machine
Got an older PowerMac G4 the other day. Also had some OS X's from collecting OS's over the years. What are the rules on installing this OS X Tiger on the older PowerMac?
Is this allowed by Apple? Do I have to register anything? Do I have to update to get registered or activated?
Don't want to screw up my OS 9 in the process and have a Mac without an OS.

macgig 09-26-2008 02:30 PM

no registering or serial numbers required.... Im not sure of the rules... who ever reads all that legal stuff anyway? I can't read legalese... worse than computer jargon :)

I can tell you what I do... If I bought (as in, Paid for) a retail copy of tiger, and I want to install it on two macs I own, i'm doing it. After all I paid for it. (now I would not install on any mac I don't own, that don't seem right).

Not sure if thats right or wrong. Never gave it much thought to be honest.

louishen 09-26-2008 03:05 PM

As long as it is a retail copy you can load it without serial numbers or any activation (after all you have to buy a mac to run OS X, so pirating the OS is largely pointless)

After that you can update to 10.4.11 through software update at no extra cost

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