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    Unhappy Reinstall Nightmare! 10.4.11
    I am selling my macbook as I got a new one from work...
    I thought that I would wipe the system so that nothing of mine remained for the new owner.
    The IT guy at work said that would be no prob and 'sorted' it out today.
    When I went to pick it up, it wasn't entirely finished, but I was told that it would be really easy to finish off myself at home.
    A side note is that I was told that the 'windows' side had been finished. Now to my knowledge windows was never there. I know my newer one has it, but I didn't think my old one did.
    When i got home, and started up a windows screen popped up telling me that i needed to insert a windows xp disk to complete the process.... I didn't have it, the it guy at work did, and had obviously not finished the process off.
    I just cancelled that and tried to restart the mac to reinstall the mac stuff.
    I loaded the disk and it all seemed to be going smoothly until the very end of the process when it said that it couldn't be installed as there wasn't enough space. I think it said i was about 15Gb short.... this seems quite massive to me.
    So now I have no idea what to do!!!!!!
    Is it because of the windows business?
    Is the computer stuffed?
    I'm really stressed as I have to sell this computer to someone who has already committed to buy it.. and I am wondering how to fix this!!!
    I am a virtual novice... but great at following instructions...
    any help would be hugely appreciated!

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    If I understand your situation correctly, I think you should start over. There is no good reason to install Windows XP without the actual installer CD. Boot from the Mac Tiger 10.4 DVD, choose your language, and select the option to reformat (HFS+ Journaled).
    When it is done, it will reboot into that opening screen with the beinvenue, welcome guten tag video. Shut it down, let the next user deal with setting up an account and downloading the 650 megs of updates!

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