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    Issue with Local profile and network printer password....
    i Guys,

    We just bought 2 users new Macbook pros with OS X 10.5.

    I did the binding of our domain to the macs and created local logins for the users, named Jess and Michelle. These logins are different to the log ins used to log into the network drives and email etc.

    The reason i did this as if the user takes her mac home and tries to log in to the locally cached network login, the mac's won't let them, i tried before setting up the local log in.

    Now the issue is when the users go to print, the print job stalls as it wants the network username and password for the printer. Now the user has to go to the print queue and resume the job and enter their network login details in the dialog box, i've tried ticking the option to save details in the keychain but every job still gets halted.

    I've created a script to automatically run at start up and prompt for the user to run or quit that automatically logs them to the server with all the network drives, so the user is actually connected to the same server with the network printers.

    any idea how to get around it??

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    So no one has any suggestions

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