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Thread: A few simple OS upgrade questions

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    A few simple OS upgrade questions
    Hi Everyone

    I recently bought my first mac (20'' Alu Imac) from a guy on ebay, it has Leopard installed but (as was stated in the auction) the install/restore disc that came with it was Tiger.
    My first question is this: if i do a clean install of the OS (Tiger) and manage to borrow a Leopard upgrade disc from work, is the key required on the leopard upgrade the same as the one on the Tiger disc sleeve or is it a separate one ?

    and my second question is: can anyone confirm that the ilife stuff (iphoto, dvd etc) is on the original tiger disc or would i need to buy that separately ?

    The last question is this: (im pretty sure the answer to this is no...but)
    the machine also has Logic express on it....if this was ordered as part of the package upon the original purchase from the Mac store, would it be on the OS Install/restore disc i have ?

    (The Mac works fine at the moment, but as is the case with machines bought second hand you never know whats lurking in the background !!)

    Hope someone can help......sorry if they're dumb questions


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    You can't "borrow" a disc. You'll have to buy one like everyone else.

    There are no upgrade discs, anyway; all Leopard disks can be used to upgrade or to reinstall from scratch.

    If you didn't get the disks for Logic or iLife, then you don't have a license and you'll have to buy them, too.

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    Didnt know that they weren't upgrade discs

    Aren't there multiple license OS discs ?

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    Multiple license disks are known as family packs and are sold separately by Apple or other authorized resellers.

    You really need (as Technologist pointed out) to buy Leopard if you wish to keep it on your machine. Otherwise ethically and legally you should remove Leopard and install the original Tiger OS that came with the machine which the seller sold you along with the hardware.

    As for the other applications, again with no license for them, you'll be obligated to purchase a license or remove the software.

    Realistically, I'm sure you want to start out clean with your new (to you) iMac. Best to install the OS clean and go from there.


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    Further you can just absolutely bet somewhere along the line you will require the Leopard install DVD to run system maintenance, such as Repair Disk, and you must have the install DVD for that so just purchase Leopard.

    Yopu will be happy with the machine and know you have back up tools on the disc in case iof trouble.

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