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Thread: should panther come with OS 9?

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    Question should panther come with OS 9?
    I recently bought a couple of iBook g4's and realized that after loading, OS 9 was not on the system. I was wondering if I need to purchase 9, which does not make sense to me, or whether it should have come pre-loaded. I have done what many have told me and gone into the settings just to find that there seems to be no actual 9....i don't know?! I ordinarily wouldn't care, but I have programs that only run in 9 as updates were never made.


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    insert the panther install disc 1, or any os install disc that came with the ibook, and click install classic support installer.

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    If you buy Panther separately, it doesn't include OS9.

    But it should be initially installed on a new bought system, and should also be on the software restore disc...

    ...unless Apple changed that with newer models, as OS9 for them is officially dead.

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    Unhappy Thanks! re: should panther come with OS 9
    So, i think i have it figured, thanks for your help. Just finding it strange that the mac guy I bought them from couldn't tell me that. ?!

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