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    Jun 26, 2008
    Time Machine Error
    I am a newbie to Mac and of course OSx 10.5.5
    On This Imac i set up an external drive and said yes to the question did i want it to be used for Backups.
    There is still a lot of capacity spare on the backup drive, but i regularly get a message to say that TM backup has failed.
    As a newbie, i have no idea how to treat this, is this just a temporary glitch? will the next attempt be ok? and so on, or is there some action i need to take to help remedy these failures.
    Can someone help plz

    TIA Len

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    sometimes happens to me aswell. dont have a solution for that though. i just unplug the drive and plug back in

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    Happens to me sometimes as well, I just say okay and then run a manual backup a few minutes later and it works fine.
    War Eagle!

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