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    Newest Update Problems
    i am having trouble installing the newest update, the 321 mb one that came with itunes 8 and the quicktime update. the latter 2 were installed fine but the OS X will not configure it says. it restarts my computer and comes up with the progress bar with the time machine background, but then stalls and doens't show any progress, i left it for up to half hour. and the bar did not move. what do i do?
    i am running an ibook G4 with leopard

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    Go to the Apple website and download only the combo updater.

    It will appear in the Downloads folder, and drag to the desktop.

    Disable antivirus, if any, and unplug peripherals other than keyboard and mouse. Run repair Permissions. Double click the update box icon and let it run. When finished the machine will reboot. Let it take its own good time and go and have a cup of coffee.

    Should probably reboot twice, pause for thirty seconds or so on the blue screen of death and then X.5.5 will come up. Again run Repair Permissions.

    And use the power mains supply and not the battery during all updates.

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    Could someone please explain the meaning of "combo update"?
    What is the difference between that and just running software update?

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    I had this same issue earlier, downloading the combo and installing it worked fine.

    The combo update combines all the previous updates into one and upgrades any version of Mac OS X to the current version.

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    thank you

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    thanks..downloading now. let you know how it goes

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