Hey everyone. Lately, I decided to use boot camp and be able to switch between my Mac and a Windows operating system. My current OS for Mac is Leopard, and I am installing a Windows XP home edition.

I had a lot of trouble getting the hard drive partitioned, but I eventually got it. I gave 12 GB to what would be the windows side.

I inserted the CD, like the guide said, and installed Windows. Here is where I messed up, I chose a wrong format for something, and had to restart the whole setup later. I deleted the old windows OS that had the wrong format, and put the new one in its place.

Problem is, the partition didn't say Boot Camp on it after I deleted the first windows OS. Now, Windows will not start up, as it says it has a "Boot Volume" error.

Now, I would LIKE to call it for the night, and get some skilled help with this. But the problem is, now my computer is unusable, as I can't get back to Mac.

So, to anyone who knows anything about Boot Camp, can I please get some guidance?