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Thread: Mac shut down bah! :{

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    Sep 20, 2008
    Unhappy Mac shut down bah! :{
    Okay so liek everytime my Mac ( Macbook running lepeard ) either goes into full screen mode or plays videos ( like you tube videos ) it crashes

    it either:
    freezes and does nothing at all so i have to hold down the power button
    Freezes and quickly overlays da liek screen with something that says "you must restart/shutdown your mac now" with a big power button
    Suddenly turns black without warning and beeps loudly 3 times

    it does this especially when i turn the screen saver on...liek within 30 seconds always.
    it liek didn use to do this when i first got it, and after it first happened i totally reset my macbook and erased all data and reinstalled etc but it didn help at all

    :< !!! omgz pweeease help me with this i really dunno what to do :{

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    Sounds like a hardware issue with your graphics card- you might need to contact Apple.

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