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Thread: Deleting Pevious System(s)

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    Question Deleting Pevious System(s)
    Noting that this topic has been covered, and the helpful answers therewith, I'd like to repost the question with a variation.

    My eMac has TWO Previous System folders, one dated December 2005, the other August 2008. The latter date is when Tiger was reinstalled after a repair with Disk Warrior. Examination of the contents of both folders shows a collection of older Apple applications, or duplicates thereof.

    The folders occupy 10.02 Gb, and I could well do with that disk space.
    1. Will deleting both folders affect the current OS, or, asked another way,
    2. Is it safe to delete both folders?

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    Only one way to find out, mate! I would say from what you posted they are the older system folders from Archive and Install system re-installs, especially as they are both dated.

    That would make them safe to delete, after going through them again of course!

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    Delete em. Just check thru them and see if there is anything that you want to pull out of them before you dump em. I found some old apps in a few of mine that didn't get transfered over.

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    Thank you Harry & Fyrman - 'tis done, all 166,427 files. A good chunk of hard disk space recovered.

    Hey Harry, we'd better discuss the Warriors next.

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