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Dixiegirl 09-20-2008 09:01 AM

New to Apple
Ok, so I have finally been persuaded to ditch my old machine and upgrade to a Mac.

Like most new users, we just want to plough ahead, but I am unsure of a few issues and wondered if anyone could help me.

On my old machine I ran windows XP, and used a package for producing photo books, I have now gone to download the same software, and the system requirements is Windows. This may be a silly question, but can this be downloaded to my machine?

Also, is there a way of right clicking on my Apple mouse?

Many thanks

PS I still haven't found out what my OS is, so I have chosen 10.5 (machine is only 3 days old) Thanks

rohan 09-20-2008 09:47 AM

im about to answer your questions in reverse order...i find it makes more sense to me doing it that way

your system is 10.5...also called Leopard
if you click the apple logo on the top will see an option called "about this mac" click on it to get more info about your computer.

yes you can right click
im presuming you have a laptop...if so then use ctrl click
you can also assign a two finger tap on the trackpad to be a right click
do this in "system preferences" under the icon labelled keyboard & mouse
you should be able to find the system preferences icon in the dock

as for the software if it says its windows only you cant install it directly on a mac
you will either need to set up a windows partition & install windows on it using bootcamp or use a third party software such as parallels desktop & then install it...however im sure an application which does what you are looking for exists for he mac os platform
the iphoto app that comes with leopard may help
check this link

or google "mac photo books" for more options

hope this was helpful

Nevermore 09-20-2008 09:53 AM

Fairly new myself so will wait for knowledgeable people to provide particulars but there are a couple of ways to run Windows on your mac. Caution: you must have a valid Windows OS if you are going to run Parallels. I got deked in by this one as my XP copy was not Service Pack whatever and I gave up when I figured out I would have to buy XP again. You can't just use XP and then upgrade Service Packs via web. Sigh. Cost of Parallels in the toilet. I am not sure about FusionWare or BootCamp but someone will know (I just gave up and decided to live in the land of the mac.)

To figure out your system, because they (the knowledgeable ones) are going to want to know, go to the apple icon top left and click on "about this mac".

There is a way to right click your apple mouse. You can also run what I call a "normal" mouse (yikes, probably shouldn't say that here :) with no problems if you find the "lift index finger in order to right click" a boondoggle. Again, I am sure those that know will help you soon.

Dixiegirl 09-20-2008 11:31 AM

Many thanks for your help, its really appreciated.


louishen 09-20-2008 12:04 PM

If you are using a mouse then the right click can be set from  icon > system Preferences > Mouse and keyboard

iPhoto that comes with OS X lets you create photo booklets

You also have iMovie free to edit Movies

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