I am readying to Install Panther to go from 10.2.8 to 10.3.5, using the "Upgrade" Option during installation as opposed to "Archive and Install" as per advice from hyerstay (thanx hyerstay!), followed by installation of peak 4.1, PT LE 6.1 -> 6.7 Upgrade, iPod, SoundSoap Pro, and Studio Mx 2004. I have not been using TTP or DW in the past, and having read hyerstays sticky on those two utilities:
1.) I am wondering should I use them BEFORE I upgrade to panther or AFTER? Also, the description of the process seems a bit hairy...
2.) I have a seagate external 200GB back up drive that has a "Mirror" function, could I use this instaed of CCC?
3.) Am I correct in that I understand that in order for these utilities to REPAIR any probs diagnosed on my main drive (that my OS is on) I need to boot from a second drive where my OS has been copied to?
4.)Then I guess in general, any guidelines about my overall sequence of installation of all the above software, ie, best to install audio apps AFTER upgrading to Panther?
Thanx All :alien: