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    Angry Problems with leopard
    Hello, im new to this forum. I bought mac os x 10.5 when it was released but went back to 10.4 after several problems. I tried again after the 10.5.5 update was released but the main problems remain. when i insert a dic to install eg ilfe08 leopard tells me there is no default app to open it so i cant install anything also when i try to open itunes im told that the foloder itunes cant be found or created and that the default location for this folder is the music folder, yet when i go to look for it both folders are in the correct location. I thought 10.5.5 would fix these problems but it hasent. anyone have any ideas on how to fix these two main problems .


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    How did you install Leopard? Did you just do a straight upgrade, or did you actually do an "Archive & Install"?

    If the former, note that there have been some well known issues with straight upgrades. It's better to do an Archive & Install, which retains all of your settings, applications and data, it just puts the old install of the OS in a separate folder and does a clean install. From what I've read that is usually the safest and most stable way to install it. Leopard overall has been pretty solid since 10.5.2.
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    i did archive and install the first time. (ive tried leopard 4 times now) Though this time i did the complete erase and install as i read this was the most reliable but still the same problems.

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