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Thread: Start up disk is full, how do I use my external drive

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    Question Start up disk is full, how do I use my external drive
    I have on my start up disk..
    Capacity: 465.44 GB
    Available 108.4 MB

    I keep getting a message that my start up disk is full. This started after I tried backing up my iphoto library onto my external drive.

    I know I have movies on my hard drive that I do not want to erase (to use later) I would like to put them on the external drive. My question is how do I move these onto the external drive. Do I just drag them over and when I need them just drag them back? Can I use them from that drive?

    A while ago I copied all of my 2006 iphoto pictures onto a DVD and I hated doing that because now I have to look them up instead of having them conveniently on my iphoto library.


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    assuming they are nit in iTunes then copy those movies over, delete them from your mac and you will be able to watch them anytime from the external

    I would keep at east 50 Gig free on that drive just to let the system breath

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    You can move your iPhoto and iTunes libraries to your external and use them from there. See: and

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